O título do podcast de hoje pode parecer estranho, mas ouça o episódio de hoje para aprender um pouco de gramática inglesa com uma coreana que fala um inglês perfeito.




Hi, guys. My name is Anna, and in this video, I’m going to be talking about things not to do in Korea as a foreigner.

And before I start getting into the points, let me just preface by saying that none of this is a hundred percent the Bible.

And there might not be any real consequences from you not following these things.

For those of you who may not know. I’m Korean. I was born in Korea, but I lived in the UK for a long time, and I’ve also traveled a lot of the world, so I’ve seen how other countries are, and I think I can give advice on things that might be okay over there compared to how things are in Korea. So again, not saying I know everything, but just giving you guys advice. So let’s go.

Don’t get offended when people ask you for your age.

But in Korea, there is an age hierarchy system, and everyone just asks each other for their age because, obviously, Koreans will use honorifics and how you address them and stuff, so it is important to figure out someone’s age. So don’t be offended if people ask you for your age like kind of immediately after asking for your name.

Like, when I went to New York last time, people would just start talking to me on the street.

Source: https://youtu.be/AytS6vNg-NU?si=QsD2juXXQ1QncN8E


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