Se você está acompanhando estes mini-podcasts é porque você gosta MESMO de inglês! Vamos então aprender a dizer esse “mesmo” em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Have a great day, and I mean a really good day!

radio personality

Good morning, and I mean a really good morning!

It really is!

– It’s cold today! – It IS cold!

You like ice cream.

Do you like ice cream?

You don’t like ice cream.

You do like ice cream!

You really do like ice cream.

Does she like ice cream?

She really does like ice cream!

You don’t like to swim.

I do like to swim!

Good morning, and I mean a really good morning!

a beautiful morning

I am single, and I mean really single!

The bad guys, and I mean the really bad guys!

Fun books, and I mean the really fun books!

You’re a good teacher, and I mean a really good teacher!

Something is interesting, and I mean really interesting!


This is a simple webpage. And I mean really simple.

Great fun to play, and I mean, great, great fun.

Good Morning, and I mean a very lovely beautiful Good Morning.

For years I’ve wanted to share my message from the big stage. And I mean the really BIG stage.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from the bad guys. And I mean the really bad guys — psychopaths.

First things first, and I mean the really important things first

I started getting these debilitating headaches. And I mean, they were really BAD

He exclaimed (and I mean he really exclaimed)

I really want to talk about what it’s like to be single, and I mean to really be single.

And I mean, every single day.

What books are the most fun and engaging, if you are an average high school student? And I mean really fun.


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Let’s practice! Write a sentence with “and I mean, (a) really _______ !”

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