Depois que lançamos a nossa história recente – “Tim and Tammy and the Sons of Liberty” – Phrasal Verbs with the Letters Q&R – estou vendo Phrasal Verbs com a letra R em todo o lugar! Hoje mesmo, assisti um vídeo dizendo que precisamos conter/controlar agentes do governo que estão passando leis sem prestar contas* a ninguém. E para se dizer “conter, controlar”, neste sentido, é comum usar – você adivinhou! – um phrasal verb com a letra R! Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje!

*  prestar contas a = be accountable to

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

And by 2013, there were an additional 10,000 pages of regulations. So how do we rein in these faceless monarchs? First, Congress should actually do its job and take responsibility for the laws it passes.

rein in

“No regulation without representation.”

in time

It’s a good thing the coachman reined in his horse in time.

rein, rain, reign

rein in / rein back

The goverment is reining in public expenditure.

The federal goverment is attemping to rein in health care costs.

Sandra couldn’t rein in her anger, and hit Bill over the head with her umbrella.

The Premier will soon rein in his new security chief.

The goverment needs to rein in ______________ costs.

The goverment needs to rein in health care costs.

Rein in your laziness, and go to our site! 😀

Vídeo com notícia mencionada:


Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

Our government needs to rein in ______________ costs/expenditures.

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