Quando o Tim Barrett tinha 8 anos de idade, ele aprendeu a defender a sua irmã. O Benjy no seriado Monk aprendeu a defender seu amigo indefeso. E hoje você vai aprender a dizer “defender, agir em defesa de, tomar o partido de (alguém)” em inglês, usando mais um Phrasal Verb com a Letra S.


Sharona: Now, you’re punished, and there’s no TV, and there’s no playstation.
Benjy: Mom.
Monk: Sharona, he was just sticking up for a friend.
Sharona: Adrian, you stay out of it. You’re not his father.

I didn’t want to leave you hanging.


stick up for (someone)

stick – stuck – stuck

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.
[Mais comum: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.]

I stuck a poster on the wall.
My shirt stuck to my back.
Stick with us!

The boy stuck his finger up his nose.

Stick it there.
Stick it in the microwave.

Clara stuck her head around the door to see who was there.
The baby stuck his legs in the air.
Lift your arms.
Stick your hands up.
Hands up.
Put your hands up.

Raise your hand.
Stick your hand up.
Put your hand up.

Don’t stick your tongue out. It’s rude.

stick up for

Everyone was criticizing John, but I stuck up for him.
Don’t worry. The family will stick up for you.
Don’t worry. I can stick up for myself.

Sharona: Benjy, you were right.
Benjy: About what?
Sharona: About standing up for that little boy in school. You did the right thing. So now I’m standing up for somebody who can’t protect himself.
Benjy: You mean, Darwin?
Sharona: Yeah.

stand up for

stick up for

Benjy stuck up for him.

I stuck up for ______________________________ when ____________________________________ .

I stuck up for my sister when a boy tried to kiss her.

Stick with you
Stick in your mind

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Let’s use the phrasal verb “stick up for” in the comments section below. Fill in the blank:

I stuck up for ______________________________ when ____________________________________ .


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