Na verdade, eu queria comprar packing cubes, mas os que achei no “Mercado Livre” will do the trick.

Vamos aprender o que significa a expressão do the trick em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.

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[note class=”bubble”]I actually wanted packing cubes, but these should do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]These will do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]These should do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Add some more sure sugar, and that should do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Wow! This new paint brush really does the trick![/note]

[note class=”bubble”]A: I only have these coins.
B: That will do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]That will do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]This bottle should do the trick.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]If you want to learn new expressions in English, our site should do the trick! 🙂 [/note]

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Let’s practice in the comments section below! Complete the sentence:

_____________ will/should do the trick.