Quando você se deparar com o phrasal verb que vamos aprender no mini-podcast de hoje, você agora vai entendê-lo! E, por coincidência, o phrasal verb significa ‘deparar-se com’, ‘encontrar (por acaso)’‘achar’. 🙂

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[note class=”bubble”]I came across your site while surfing the internet.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]by accident[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I was browsing the internet.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]browser[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I was surfing the internet; and, by accident, I found your website.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]come across[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I came across a new word today.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I was reading a book, and I came across a new word.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I came across your site while searching the internet.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I came across an old picture of yours while I was cleaning /while cleaning my drawer.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I came across my old teacher in the mall yesterday.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Coby: Hey, gang! Look what I came across as I was cleaning up4 the garage for Dad.
Tim: What is it?
Coby: It’s a snowmobile.
Tim: Cool! Will we all get to ride that thing?[/note]




Let’s practice!

Tell us about something (or someone) you came across recently.