I have a carioca friend who is a real slacker… just kidding! 😀 hahaha But all kidding aside [sem brincadeira], vamos aprender a dizer ‘enrolar’, no sentido de diminuir o ritmo de trabalho, no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Fool around

Stop fooling around, and go to bed!

Stop slacking off.

Keep the rope slack.

They like to slack (off) at work.

Many people like to slack off at work.

Workers tend to slack off on Fridays.

The masons/construction workers would finish sooner, if they didn’t slack off so much. 

Someone who slacks off = a slacker

Sales slack off at the end of the month.

Sales slack off in September.

Don’t be a slacker – and go to our site and write about someone who slacks off, or about a time when you slacked off.

Inglês Todos os Dias #88: Como dizer ‘pare de enrolar’ em inglês (parte 2)

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Do you have a friend who slacks off? And how about you? When do you slack off? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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