My brother David bought a little puppy (a shih tzu – see video below) recently and it will be arriving at his house on Friday.

  • puppy = filhote (de cachorro)
  • it will be arriving = “estará chegando” (“Gerundismo” é comum e correto em inglês. 😉 )

We were talking about how much work little puppies are. They have to be “potty trained”. They bite shoes. They require a lot of love and attention. And they make a lot of mess!

  • how much work = quanto trabalho
  • potty trained = treinados para “usar o banheiro” no lugar correto
  • bite = morder
  • require = exigem
  • mess = bagunça

David sure has his work cut out for him!

Do you know what the expression “have your work cut out (for you)” means? Check out the meaning here:

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