Yesterday, I sent you an audio teaching you how to say “MESMO” in English.

After I sent out the podcast, my sister-in-law posted a picture of Benjamin with some friends in our family group on Whatsapp, and she said he looked thinner.

@>—- after I sent out – depois que enviei o podcast
@>—- send out [phrasal verb] – enviar (para várias pessoas, tipo transmissão)
@>—- sister-in-law – cunhada
@>—- posted – postou, publicou
@>—- picture – foto
@>—- he looked thinner – ele parecia mais magro

Benjamin is riding his bike and exercising more these days, so he lost some weight.

@>—- riding his bike – andando de bicicleta
@>—- exercising more – fazendo mais exercícios
@>—- these days – esses dias
@>—- lost some weight – perdeu algum peso

Look how my family answered!

Can you translate the sentence: “Ben does look thinner”?

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Also, in the evening, I watched an episode of an old series called Monk. Monk did not believe his “friend” had climbed a building, and this was the conversation:


Monk: So, Frisco Fly*; huh? Hmm-hmm.
You looked surprised.
I am surprised.** Here’s the thing I can’t figure out. You look surprised, too.
It’s killing you; isn’t it?
How did you do it, Harold?

@>—- you looked surprised – você parece surpreso
@>—- Here’s the thing – É isso que [literalmente, Aqui está a coisa (que)]
@>—- I can’t figure out – eu não consigo descobrir/entender
@>—- It’s killing you. – Isso está matando você.

* Frisco Fly was an unknown daredevil in the episode who climbed buildings and escaped from the police. Monk didn’t believe Harold was the real Frisco Fly.
** Notice the emphasis on the “am” (verb to be).

@>—- unknown – desconhecido
@>—- daredevil –  “destemido” [pessoa que adora correr riscos e se aventurar em atividades perigosas]
@>—- climbed buildings – escalava edifícios
@>—- Monk didn’t believe Harold was the real Frisco Fly. – Monk não acreditava que Harold fosse o verdadeiro Frisco Fly.

How would you translate the sentence:  “I am surprised” ?

See how important these structures are!

@>—- Você viu como essas estruturas são importantes!

I hope you have a great weekend! Talk to you next week!

Tim Barrett


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