Justo hoje resolvi lhe ensinar a dizer “just hoje” em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje! E você irá aprender mais este “discourse marker” justo no seu podcast favorito! 😀

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I’m sorry I can’t go to the party tonight. Today of all days we go back to teaching.

discourse markers

We are going back to classes/teaching.

go back = returning

I’m sorry!

coming back

today of all days

Today of all days we are going back to teaching.

Now of all times you call me!

John of all people didn’t come.

Monday of all days I have to clean the house.

of all days

of all times

of all people

of all things

The washing machine of all things broke today.

I know that you of all people will participate there!



Let’s practice today’s “discourse marker”!

Write a sentence with “of all days”, “of all people”, “of all times”, “of all places”, or “of all things” in the comments section below.

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