Justo hoje resolvi lhe ensinar a dizer “just hoje” em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje! E você irá aprender mais este “discourse marker” justo no seu podcast favorito! 😀

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[note class=”bubble”]I’m sorry I can’t go to the party tonight. Today of all days we go back to teaching.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]discourse markers[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]We are going back to classes/teaching.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]go back = returning[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I’m sorry![/note]

[note class=”bubble”]coming back[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]today of all days[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Today of all days we are going back to teaching.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Now of all times you call me![/note]

[note class=”bubble”]John of all people didn’t come.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Monday of all days I have to clean the house.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]of all days[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]of all times[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]of all people[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]of all things[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]The washing machine of all things broke today.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]I know that you of all people will participate there![/note]



Let’s practice today’s “discourse marker”!

Write a sentence with “of all days”, “of all people”, “of all times”, “of all places”, or “of all things” in the comments section below.