Fomos “meio que” forçados darmos aulas online depois que começou essa quarentena. E a minha irmã disse que ele está “meio que” gostando de ensinar online agora. Vamos aprender uma expressão comum  para dizer “meio que”, “meio”, “tipo”, “mais ou menos” em inglês no podcast de hoje.


I kind of like teaching online now.

kind of

That is my kind of teacher.

Do you like salads?

Kind of / sort of

I was kind of laughing to myself.

He kind of gets it.

It’s kind of out of our budget.

I kind of like it.

That made me feel kind of stupid.

He was kind of strange, but I liked him.

I kind of like studying English.

I’m kind of desperate.

It’s kind of obvious.

He kind of looks like Brad Pitt.

…just because it allows my brain to kind of clear itself, allows me to get positive, get focused.

And it’s been kind of not necessarily bothering you in a big way, but bugging you

I kind of like __________.

I kind of want to _________.

Well, this podcast got kind of long.


Complete one of these sentences in the comments section below.

I kind of like (to) ________________________________ .
I kind of want to ________________________________ .
It was kind of __________________________________ .
I felt kind of ___________________________________ .


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