In today’s e-mail, I told you that we had a wild weekend with a burglar getting into our back yard and the police coming to rescue us. There was a lot of noise and commotion, but my 6-year-old niece slept through the whole ordeal.

@>—- wild = selvagem, agitado, “louco”
@>—- burglar = ladrão, arrombador
@>—- get into = entrar
@>—- back yard = quintal
@>—- rescue = socorrer, resgatar, salvar
@>—- commotion = agitação, tumulto

[blocknote class=”red” title=”O que significa o phrasal verb ‘sleep through something’”] Como se diz “sleep through something” em português? Qual é a tradução de “sleep through something”? What does “sleep through something” mean? What is the meaning of “sleep through something”?

  • sleep through something = dormir durante todo (o acontecimento)


My niece slept through the whole ordeal.
Minha sobrinha dormir durante todo o incidente e “perdeu” a aventura. 🙂

Outros exemplos do dicionário:

I never heard the storm last night – I must have slept through it.
I was so bored that I slept through the second half of the film.
(Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

Other Examples:










See also Rip van Winkle and the Revolutionary War [phrasal verb: sleep through something] .

How about you? What have you slept through? Please tell us about it below.

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