Assista ao vídeo engraçado abaixo, “Mr. Monk e o Computador” (2 minutos). Leia o Script. Leia as explicaçõees do vocabulário, e aprenda a expressão “get the hang of (something)”. (Remember that Mr. Monk has OCD [a doença “TOC”].)

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Mr. Monk and the Comptuer – Skript (See translations and explanations below.)

Mr. Monk e o Computador (Script)

Stottelmeyer: Oh, he signed on.
Monk: Who?
S: It’s a reporter. He’s doing a profile on the department. It’s my first online interview.
M: Congratulations!
S: First question.
M: Why did you become a police officer?
S: Well, my older brother, Mark, was in the same… Something’s wrong! It’s a code!
M: Oh, I fixed your keyboard.
S: You what?
M: Yeah. Yeah. I took all the letters off and I put them back in alphabetical order.
S: Why?
M: They were mixed up.
S: Well, they’re supposed to be mixed up, Monk. Every keyboard is like that.
M: I know. It’s always bothered me. This is better; don’t you think?
S: Well, how am I supposed to write?
M: It’s easy. ‘A’ is ‘Q’. ‘B’ is ‘W’. ‘C’ is ‘E’. ‘D’ is ‘R’.
S: I’m not gonna [going to] be able to remember that!
M: I made up a little song to help people. “A is Q, and B is W, C is E, and D is R for you, E is…”
S: Monk, he’s asking what’s wrong. How do I say, “I’m sorry. We’ll try again later.”?
M: Ok, no problem. “I’m sorry” is “oidlekkgn”. “Oidlekkgn”.
S: Oid…
M: lekg…
S: Le…
M: Yea, “le” like the French. Remember the song! “A is Q, and B is W, C is…”
S: It’s too late. He signed off.
M: What a jerk!
S: Yeah. Hey! I(‘ve) got a little message for you.
M: Ok! Remember the song!
S: Ok. It’s only eight letters.
[Not a very friendly message.]
M: Yeah, well, it looks like you’re getting the hang of it.

Explicação/Tradução dos Termos

  • he signed on [phrasal verb] = ele entrou (se conectou ao programa)
  • profile = perfil
  • interview = entrevista
  • become = tornar-se
  • wrong = errado
  • i fixed your computer = consertei seu computador
  • keyboard = teclado
  • take off [passado, took off] = tirar
  • put (them) back = coloquei-os de volta
  • mixed up = misturado(s)
  • supposed to be = “é para ser”
  • keyboard = teclado
  • is like that = é assim; é desta forma
  • It’s always bothered me = It has always bothered me [present perfect]
  • bothered me = me incomodado
  • how am I supposed to write = literalmente, “como é para eu escrever?” (Como devo/posso escrever?)
  • be able to = poder
  • make up [passado, made up] = criar, inventar
  • too late = tarde demais
  • sign off = sair (desconectar do programa)
  • jerk = idiota
  • I(‘ve) got = I have = Tenho
  • it looks like = parece (que)
  • to get the hang of (something) = ver explicação abaixo

Domine Centenas de Phrasal Verbs e Expressões do Dia a Dia em Inglês

[blocknote class=”red” title=”O que significa a expressão ‘to get the hang of (something)'”] Como se diz “to get the hang of (something)” em português? Qual é a tradução de “to get the hang of (something)”? What does “to get the hang of (something)” mean? What is the meaning of “to get the hang of (something)”?

  • To get the hang (of something) = “pegar o jeito”/dominar (alguma atividade)

Outros Exemplos:
– I’ve never used a notebook computer before.
– Don?t worry. You’ll soon get the hang of it.
After three weeks of using this computer program, I think I finally got the hang of this computer program.
Driving seems complicated at first, but it’s easy once [uma vez que] you get the hang of it.
I never did get the hang of playing the trumpet. I think I’m going to give it up.
Observação: [“I never did get the hang of….” seria igual a dizer “I never got the hang of…”, mas de forma mais enfática.]

How about you? What did you get the hang of? Or what are you getting the hang of? Please tell us about it below.

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