O Brasil parte para as oitavas de final! E que jogo ontem! (What a game!) Ainda bem que (It’s a good thing that) o jogador da Sérvia perdeu um gol no segundo tempo. Então vamos aprender a dizer “perder um gol” em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Good ball across! Mitrovic! Wow! What a miss! What a chance for Serbia!

What a miss!



What a miss!

miss class

I missed what you said.

I missed the bus/train.

I missed the goal.

Might come now from Paulinho. Oh, and it does! And somehow he missed from a yard or two.

He missed.

He missed the goal.

Como Falar Inglês Como Um Nativo

I’ll let you know.

He missed.

kicked wide

What a miss!

miss a penalty

He missed a penalty

“Obviously it hurts me to have missed the penalty.” – Messi

I threw _(something)_ at __(someone/something), but I missed.

I threw a snowball at my friend, but I missed.

throw – threw

I threw an eraser at the wall, but I missed.



Complete the following sentence in the comments section below.

I threw a/an _________ at _________, but I missed.


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