“Pai, compre o celular mais caro. Não se conforme com o mais barato.” Eu sei que essas são palavras estranhas, mas, no mini-podcast de hoje, você vai entender por que eu falei isso para o meu pai e aprender a usar o phrasal verb settle for.


Get Phone X, Dad. Don’t settle for the cheaper one.

– Yes, welcome to Plymouth Plantation!
– After searching all over, they finally settled for this place.

settled in Massachusetts
settle down
settle our bills
settle a fight
settle our differences

I accepted the gift.

There isn’t any coffee, we’ll have to settle for tea.
Regina wants to marry a rich man, and she won’t settle for less.
Don’t settle for less than what you want.
We wanted a red one but settled for a blue one.
I wanted one thousand dollars, but I settled for eight hundred dollars.
It was too much money, so we had to settle for something smaller.

I wanted ___________________ , but i settled for ___________________ .

Phrasal Verbs com S – e muitos outros…


Let’s practice today’s phrasal verb in the comments section below.

I wanted ___________________ , but I settled for ___________________ .


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