Descubra o que encontramos no porão da minha avó e aprenda mais um Phrasal Verb que começa com a palavra RUN.


We ran across my parents love letters while we were helping my grandma organize her attic.

run across

Run across the street.

run into

I ran into the poll.
I ran into somebody.
I ran across my friend at the mall.

We came across our parents love letters.

I ran across my old watch when I was straightening up my drawer.
I ran across some old friends while/when I was shopping.

Maybe you will run across me there.

English classes with my son, Michael
My son, Michael, is taking some private online students, if you are interested.
Meu filho, Michael, está aceitando alguns alunos particulares online, se você estiver interessado.


Let’s practice today’s meaning of the verb “run” in the comments section below! 

I ran across _____(person / thing)_____ when I was _______(activity)________ .


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