Eu tenho alguma coisa para CORRER POR você… então ouça o mini-podcast de hoje e me diga o que você pensa sobre isso. 😉


Hey, I’d like to run something by you. I’m thinking of giving tips with different meanings of the verb “run” in the beginning of this year. What do you think about that?

run by

The dog ran by me.
He just ran by.

I wanted to run it by you.
I have an idea I’d like to run by you.
Ok, run the plan by me one more time.
You need to run that by the boss before you do it.
Please run those kinds of decisions by me next time.
Would you run that by me again?
Let me just run it by Bob first.

I have an idea for interesting English tips to run by Tim.
I have an idea for a product to run by my boss.
I have an idea about something to run by the president of my company.
Run your ideas by me there.

I have an idea for/about __________ to run by __________ .

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Let’s practice today’s meaning of the verb “run” in the comments section below! 

Don’t run away from __________________________ .


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