Depois de uma longa jornada nos Estados Unidos, voltamos para o nosso querido Brasil e para a nossa comunidade Domine Inglês! E nestes primeiros dias do ano vamos aprender vários significados do verbo mais usado em inglês – o verbo run!


Who runs this site? I think they abandoned it!
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You run a country.
Who is running Brazil?
state-run television
state-run industries
My aunt runs a restaurant in Boston.
This hotel is well run.
He runs a small company in São Paulo.
Who runs this site?
We are going to run this site better now.
My brother runs a small business that does maintenance.
My nephew runs a small maintenance business.
My brother runs an English school.
We are running our site again.

_________ runs a small business that __________ .

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Let’s practice today’s meaning of the verb “run” in the comments section below! 

____(Person)____ runs a small business that ___________ .


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