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Christmas is a very special time of the year for our family!

Traditional Christmas Activities

See if you can name some of these traditional American Christmas activities below.

01. _______ the tree

02. kissing under the _______

03. ___________ Christmas cookies

04. going Christmas ________

05. ________ for gifts

06. hanging Christmas __________

07. listening to Christmas _______

08. seeing the Christmas _______

09. dreaming of a _____ Christmas

10. participating in Christmas _______

10. participating in Christmas _______

11. ________ gifts

12. Reading the Christmas ______ from the Bible

Answers: 1. trimming; 2. mistletoe; 3. baking; 4. caroling; 5. shopping; 6. stocking; 7. music; 8. decorations; 9. white; 10. pageants; 11. exchanging; 12. story

The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas to us is all about Christ. He is the TRUE meaning of Christmas! My sister, Lisa, wrote a story about the first Christmas long ago and what it means to us. The story is in two columns, one in English and the other in Portuguese.

  • (is) all about = tem como significado principal/maior
  • true meaning = verdadeiro significado
  • long ago = muitos anos atrás
  • mean(s) = significa


You can download your copy here ==> christmas_story
(Right click the hyperlink text above and choose “save as”.)

  • right click = dê um clique com o mouse direito
  • choose = escolha

Learn English During the Christmas Holidays

Why don’t you take advantage of the Christmas Holidays to MASTER lots of Phrasal Verbs and Expressions while you learn about the American Christmas culture? Check out our special Christmas story.

Tim and Tammy Teach

Christmas Carols and Traditions
Featuring: “Christmas with Our Friends”

  • take advantage = aproveitar
  • available = disponível

We all here at Tim and Tammy Teach wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

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