Eu acabei me esquecendo de mandar uma dica ontem, então vou aproveitar para lhe ensinar a dizer “acabar fazendo algo” em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.


I ended up forgetting to send a tip yesterday.

The movie ended.

the end

end up

I ended up catching a cold.

After traveling around the world, she ended up teaching English as a foreign language

I ended up spending the night in the airport.

She ended up a millionaire.

He ended up living in New Zealand.

I ended up writing your mother.

I ended up writing about our plans in the family group.

I ended up getting/taking the J&J vaccine today.

I ended up gaining more students through him.

You will end up living on the streets.

I’m sure I’ll end up visiting there.

I ended up _________________ .


Let’s practice in the comments section below! 

I ended up ______________________________ .


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