Esta dica deveria ter saído ontem – aliás, na segunda-feira. Antes tarde do que nunca! [Better late than never!] Então vamos aprender a dizer “aliás” no sentido de ” ou melhor, digo” para se corrigir em inglês.

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Hi, dear students. Here’s yesterday’s lesson – I mean, Wednesday’s lesson.

By the way

Oh, by the way, did you talk to the teacher?

Here’s yesterday’s lessos – I mean, Wednesday’s lesson.

I mean

You’re mean!

You’re not mean.

What does this word mean?

What do you mean?

We were in March – I mean, April.

I really do love him – as a friend, I mean.

We met in Toronto – I mean, Montreal.

She plays the violin – I mean, the viola – very well.



Make a mistake and use “I mean” to correct yourself in a sentence in the comments section below.

Example: I was sleeping – I mean, studying English – when you called.

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