Let’s practice the reductions our family naturally used while reminiscing about Christmas.

Vamos praticar as reduções que nossa família usou naturalmente ao relembrar o Natal.


And I remember going down to Siegel’s Hill and going down the sled, and then we’d come home later…

My mother and I would go there for lunch.

What kind of rolls were they at the Village Tea Room?

Well, they had cinnamon rolls, but they had another kind of roll that we just loved.

And it was freezing cold and we would go with snow on the ground and in our boots and stuff shopping downtown.

Oh, one of my favorite Christmas Memories: We were downtown …

And we bought our little figurines for our manger scene.

Didn’t Grandma make our manger scene?

it reminds me of Christmas because

We used to get stencils of stars and angels [Mom: I did, too.] and everything, and then you’d take this wax that we put on the floor and you put it on it and then go’d take it off and it would dry. You’d have all these decorations on your window, and of course afterwards you can just wash them off and…

We had them… We found them here one time.

We’d put them in our windows in the front of the house.

sing carols to them

I always had to be a shepherd.

Well, there weren’t enough fellows. Linda Phillips, Pam, and I were shepherds for the play.

How about you, kids, do you remember Christmas in the States?

Actually, we kind of felt Christmassy these days.



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