As our family talks about Christmas in the States, we will learn an important structure to talk about special memories from the past.

Enquanto nossa família fala sobre o Natal nos Estados Unidos, aprenderemos uma estrutura importante para falar sobre lembranças especiais do passado.


How about you, Dad, when you were, like, growing up?

We’d go to Watsontown and Milton, and it would always be cold, always snow, and they’d have a reindeer there in a cage. You’d see reindeer.

My mother and I would go there for lunch.

I loved going Christmas shopping and then going to the Village Tea Room. My mother and I would go there for lunch, and they had these delicious rolls.

And it was freezing cold and we would go with snow on the ground…

My Christmas memories are when you kids were growing up here and we would go down to the papelaria and look for cards and decorations for the tree.

We were downtown at Festão buying decorations for our Christmas tree, our first Christmas tree here in Jundiaí, and it was pouring rain. And we bought our little figurines for our manger scene.

It was always the same. We would decorate the home. We’d make our own decorations…

It reminds me of Christmas because – If I smell tangerines, it reminds me of Christmas.

But that smell that I mentioned, we used to get stencils of stars and angels and everything.

I did, too.

you’d take this wax

you’d have all these decorations on your window

we’d try to make it look like snow on the edge

They had a candle on it.

we’d put them in our windows

And, of course, my mother always baked tons of pies and tons of cookies during this time.

We’d always go around on a bus and we would take baskets around to some shut-ins of our church and sing carols.

I always had to be a shepherd.

How come you were the pastor’s daughter and had to be the shepherd?


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