Se você estiver dirigindo, encoste o carro e ouça com cuidado o mini-podcast de hoje, porque vamos aprender a dizer “encostar o carro” em inglês.

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[note class=”bubble”]Let’s pull over and take a look at the map.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]have a look[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Let’s have a look.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]take a look[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Let’s take a look at the map.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]pull[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]pull over[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Let’s pull over here and take a look at the map.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]The police pulled me over because one of my brake lights wasn’t working.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Let’s pull over and…[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Let’s pull over and study English.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Let’s go over and ___________.[/note]

[note class=”bubble”]Pull over and leave a comment on the site.[/note]

Clique AQUI                  Clique AQUI


Let’s practice today’s phrasal verb in the comments section below. Complete this sentence:

Let’s pull over and ____________________________________ .