Ainda estamos entrando no ritmo de voltar aos mini-podcasts diários, por isso não te vejo desde a semana passada. Mas não tem problema, vai servir para eu lhe ensinar a dizer “não te vejo desde a semana passada” em ingleês no mini-podcast de hoje. 😉


I haven’t seen you since last week!

You know him from “Arrested Development”, “Mr. Show”, and now he plays a butterfly hunter who goes deep into the forests of the Pacific Northwest in the dark divide*, and it’s available now on VOD. Please welcome David Cross!

Hey, David, how are you doing?

You know what… I was thinking about you and you are… I haven’t seen you since you… you became a father. Congratulations on that! It’s been a long [time]!

I haven’t seen you in a long time!
I haven’t seen you since last week!
I haven’t seen _________ since _____________ .
I haven’t seen my friend Fábio since last year.
Monday, last week
since he got married

I haven’t seen you there in a long time!


Who haven’t you seen in a long time? Tell us about it in the comments section below! 

I have seen ___(Person)___ since ______(specific time/event)______ .


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