Durante uma coletiva de imprensa na Índia, o presidente Trump falou que o coronavírus inicialmente pegou o presidente Xi de surpresa, mas que a China está fazendo um bom trabalho em contê-lo. Para dizer isso, o presidente Trump usou um phrasal verb com a letra S que ainda não ensinamos aqui. Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje para aprender mais este phrasal verb importante!

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Presidente Trump: We’re working with China very much on the virus. We feel that something… and I have to tell, I spoke to President Chi the other day. He is so committed to solving that problem. He is working very hard. He is very capable. The country is very capable. And it snuck up on him, but I think he’s going to do well.

Ingraham: Snuck up on him? I mean, I don’t know what to say about that! Well, it was measured and it was diplomatic. And he is on the world stage, so we like that; but…

FONTE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Lv37P3vQ0

catch – caught
you caught the ball
caught him by surprise

And it snuck up on him, but I think he’s going to do well.

He sneaked/snuck into the room.

go up the stairs
The student came up to me.

drive – drove
She drove up to the door, and stopped.

The virus snuck up on the President.
My son snuck up on me.
Michael Douglas sneaks up on his dad.

VÍDEO DO MICHAEL DOUGLAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRyTISNDkkM

It snuck up on him.

The player snuck up behind Dudu, and stole the ball.
Don’t sneak up on me like that!

__________ snuck up on me, and ____________________.

The dog snuck up behind me, and licked me.

Phrasal Verbs com S – e muitos outros…


Let’s practice today’s phrasal verb! Complete this sentence in the comments section below.

___________ snuck up on me and _____________________  .


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