Antes de entrar em uma briga, é bom analisar o oponente e ver se dá para enfrentar? 🙂 E é por isso que você precisa aprender o phrasal verb com a Letra S de hoje: size up!


I sized him up and decided he wasn’t a threat.

shout out

size up

The two cats walked in circles around each other, sizing each other up.

It’s a good idea for boxers to size up their opponents before their matches.

She knew that he was looking at her, sizing her up.

Before we can begin to size up the problem, we’ll need more information.

He sized up the situation and immediately decided what to do.

Businessmen have been sizing up Brazil as a possible market for their investments.

Domine o Present Perfect AQUI.

I sized up my new neighbor and decided that he was…

I sized my new neighbor up

I sized John up and decided that he was a good worker.

I sized you up and decided that you are good student, and that your are going to participate on our site.

I sized ____________________ up and decided he/she was _____________________ .


Let’s practice today’s phrasal verb in the comments section below.

I sized ____(person)_____ up and decided he/she was __________________________ .


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