Você está em um restaurante fast-food e pede um hamburger completo, mas sem picles. Como você diria “sem picles” em inglês. Tem algumas maneiras. Vamos falar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.


– I have a question. Does he still eat the same thing every day for lunch? Well, wait, what is it? Turkey club, lightly toasted…
– Hold the lettuce, hold the bacon…
– Hold the mayo. Five slices of turkey cut for ways on a square plate.

No lettuce, please.

Easy on the onions.
Easy on the ketchup.

Double cheeseburger, hold the pickles, easy on the mustard, no mayo.

– And would I have to wait long if you made one Whopper with no pickle, and no lettuce?
– No, sir. ♫ Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders special orders don’t upset us. ♪

No unions, please.
Hold the unions, please.
Easy on the unions, please.

I’d like a hamburger, but hold the unions, please.

For here or to go?

Can I have a name to go with that?



It’s time for you to write your order in the comments section below.

I’d like a double cheeseburger. Hold the _______________ , please. / No ______________ , please. / Easy on the _______________, please.



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