Título enigmático, né? Por isso é bom conhecer os verbos que vamos aprender hoje, porque são falsos cognatos (false friends) e podem confundir! 😉


I attended the wedding reception, but was never waited on.

I attended the class.
What church do you attend?
You didn’t attend the party yesterday.

You didn’t come to class.
You didn’t come to the party.

I attended the conference.

You attend to the sick.

They wait on you.
I wasn’t waited on.
What do we have to do to get/be waited on here?
It took me one hour to get/be waited on.
The waiters who waited on us were excellent.
She waited on tables to earn some extra money.

Answer the phone.

I went to a fancy restaurant, but it took me one hour to be waited on

It took me ____________________ to get/be waited on.



Let’s practice today’s false friend in the comments section below! 

It took me __________________ to get/be waited on.


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